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During the Winter

Things to Keep in Mind During a Snow Storm

  • Please be patient

During a snow storm, many of the side roads temporarily get one path cleared down the middle so that emergency vehicles may access any homes in need. The plows will return to "widen" the road and clear the rest of the street from snow.

  • Park off the street

 This allows us to clear the street quickly and efficiently so we can get the job done right and move on to clearing other streets quicker

  • Do not go out on the roads

 Once again, the roads can be cleared quicker if no one else is out on them. Drivers can get stuck, or worse, crash especially when other cars are getting stuck and blocking roads. If you must go out, go slow and be cautious

  • Do not shovel/snow blow into the road

 If your road has already been cleared, do not put snow back into the street


**After the snow stops falling, it takes approximately four hours to clear all of the roads in Smithtown

This past winter has been filled with cold and lots of snow! Roads have been left with lots of potholes, mailboxes have been taken down, and curbs have been damaged by plows. We are ready for the Spring!!


Click Here for the plow damage policy

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