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Spring Projects

What goes on in the Spring?


Street sweeping

     After the winter ends, we send out the brooms to clean up the excess sand from the roads. Unfortunately, the start of this project depends entirely upon the weather. If it's too cold, the sweepers can not go out because the water will freeze in the lines. It takes approximately 6-8 weeks to sweep the entire town, but rainy weather and equipment breakdowns can affect the time frame. After this initial spring cleaning, the trucks will still be available for cleanups, but not around the neighborhoods as often.


Basin Recharge/Sump Cleaning

     Crews will begin to go around and trim the trees that are hanging over the fences. They also clear a pathway and the inside for Police or anyone else who needs to access the sump. Trees need to be knocked down to prevent them from falling onto fences and properties, and to prevent injuries. This maintenance minimizes drainage problems.


Drain Cleaning

     Drains are cleaned of debris with a "super-sucker" to help clear out sand, leaves, and other items that cause drainage issues

Why isn't the sweeping coordinated with leaf/garbage pick up?

     First understand that the primary sweep is just a preliminary sweep to try and get as much of the sand and leaves up from all of the areas as quickly as we can, and the trucks will be back later to do another cleaning.

     There is no set schedule for leaf and brush collection because there are a myriad of factors that can change it too often, such as weather, equipment breakdowns, etc.

     While it makes sense to sweep on days where no pick ups are taking place, that would limit us to only being able to sweep two days a week because there are two garbage collection days and one recycling collection day.

     At this rate, it would take the entire year to sweep the town just once!

**The streets should actually be kept clear from all bags, brush, and cans so that the Highway Department can do their job quickly and accurately the first time, regardless of whether refuse has been picked up yet or not. 

 Your patience, support, and cooperation are greatly appreciated- Thank You!

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