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Project Delays

What keeps us from doing our job?


There are many circumstances that delay your requests for repairs, such as weather and funding. Read each section below to learn more


     Our repair list has now grown to over 6,000 requests. Along with sidewalk repairs, we have a large amount of curb and apron repair demands as well. Weather conditions, previous requests, and financial support all delay getting these issues resolved in a timely manner.

     Firstly, concrete work is not completed during the winter months. The amount of available time the Highway Department has to complete repair requests can be limited if the temperatures are too cold or if we experience a lot of wet weather once the temperatures rise.

     Secondly, the office lacks proper funding for the amount of requests on file. Historically, the Smithtown Parks Department has been responsible for the repair of sidewalks, but in 2010, the town shifted that responsibility to the Highway Department. Unfortunately, no additional money was given from the town to help cover the added costs these repairs demanded.

     Additional repair requests have been piling up after events like Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy (that destroyed numerous sidewalks, curbs, and driveways) and bad winters like this past year.

     Please know that I have requested additional funds to help with the numerous repair requests, and rest assured that I will work as effectively as possible with these depleted funds to get the jobs done- including yours.


Road Paving

     Every year, all 472 miles of town roads are inspected.  Roads are not scheduled for repaving based solely on age.  The Road Improvement Program is drawn up annually based upon actual need, not age.  Type of traffic, traffic volume, and weather all take a toll on the roads, and often times it becomes necessary to maintain some roads more often than others. 

     When we consider roads for repaving, we also must consider the curbs, sidewalks and drainage. Last but not at all least, decisions must be within the monies that are allotted for work based on the costs of asphalt, concrete, and other materials.




     Submit a request for your road to be inspected and for it to be considered for the 2015 Road Program by contacting the Smithtown Highway Department Here

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